About Me

One of my favourite parts of Victoria, East Gippsland

Growing up in country Victoria fishing and shooting was a way of life. The need for the adventure that the outdoors provided became insatiable through my teenage years and shown no signs of backing off even now. I will fish for anything by any legal method however lure fishing is where my heart is, nothing beats fooling a fish and feeling the moment. It’s hard to narrow down favourite species and what’s important to me, I like a lot of things however Murray cod, yellowtail kingfish, bluefin tuna, big flathead and giant trevally get special mentions for sure. I kinda have a growing affection for bass and estuary perch as well, lets see where that leads me. 10 years in the tackle industry as a co-owner of a boutique operation taught me a lot and opened the door to some amazing experiences and destinations. I’m really thankful for that opportunity and many of the friendships I made. I love helping people become better anglers and documenting my views on fishing through many magazine articles, blogs and videos over many years has been the outlet. Now no longer technically involved in the fishing industry, I’ll use this platform to offer opinion and share some experiences when the mood and time allows, till then I’ll be fishing or hunting.

Note, time on the water has got me to the point where I’m commercially supported by a couple of brands that I have great relationships with, I will be sure to declare interests where relevant, unbiased opinion can be hard to find!