Howdy, I’ve been thinking a lot

Since winding up in the tackle industry and stepping back from a bunch of fishing media stuff like YouTube and podcasts I’ve been contemplating a ton on what I wanted to do. I was going to go down a few paths but taking my time to make a decision has been the best thing and landing on blogging has been the right choice for me. It was either that or a podcast, but you really need two people to have a convo so writing it is. It’s a good fit for me and it’s really where my Ebb Tide Adventures journey started all those years ago before the move to commercialisation. Don’t expect me to be mega-regular with my posts, and in the place of volumes of content, I’m aiming to make this space informative, honest and hopefully thought provoking and will be starting it off with a pretty touchy subject; Murray cod in the feeder rivers of Lake Eildon, stay tuned.


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